Customer Name Mr Ferris
Vehicle Make And Model Mercedes SL500
Vehicle Year 2002
Description of work Carried Out

Vehicle collected from customer’s chosen address and driven to MES to investigate failure of roof mechanism and central locking system and water leak into boot. Vehicle had previously been seen by local Mercedes dealer and customer quoted for renewal of pump. Put vehicle on ramp. Removed trim in boot around roof mechanism pump. Removed pump to work bench to strip and clean and check functions. Pump found to be working correctly, with no moisture present. Check electrical supply to pump, fuse blown. Fuse renewed. Sound deadening foam found to be water logged, foam removed. Roof mechanism pump refitted and secured in a preventative manner. Central locking pump relocated to the underside of the roof hydraulic pump and elevated to prevent it from sitting in any further moisture (poor design) Leak traced to around rear window, (black surround trims) further investigation required. Customer requested to drive vehicle and test roof and central locking mechanism and report any further problems, before the water leak could be fully investigated and cured. Vehicle returned to customer’s chosen address.
Our Cost £116.64p Inc VAT
Dealer Cost £3,000 inc vat
Other Independent Cost £ N/A
Customer Testimonial 



“The main dealer quoted repairs to my Mercedes SL costing almost £3,000. M.E.S. collected the car from home, resolved the problem completely and swiftly and returned it to me, at a cost of only £100 M.E.S. now do all the servicing and repairs for my family’s cars. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. – Mr Ferris, Shamley Green”