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Stopping small problems from becoming big ones


When a warning light appears on your dashboard, a car diagnostics check can help to identify the issue before serious damage occurs

Most vehicles today contain an on-board computer called an Engine Control Unit or “ECU” which monitors the car performance. Sensors within the vehicle report to the ECU when there are problems, which the ECU then uses to generate an error code.

There are hundreds of potential error codes, which can only be read by specialist diagnostic equipment. While the warning light lets you know that there’s an issue, a check is needed to understand the extent of the problem and what’s causing it.

We use state of the art up-to date diagnostic equipment at MES, with bespoke checklists so your warranty is fully maintained when we work on your vehicle.

Check out the diagnostic tools we use at the facility, or enter your reg in the box above and let us know what the problem is.

Autologic Assist +

Fast & thorough cross-checking.

Reduces the chance of a mis-diagnosis & gets to the bottom of problems

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The fastest kit on the market for analysing Asian vehicles

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Delphi DS150

High level capability for an extensive range of makes and models. allowing us to perform key adjustments quickly

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Up to date dealership-alternative for diagnosis and repair of the VAG & Bentley range of vehicles.

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Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 40 American, Asian, and European vehicle makes

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Mercedes Benz STAR + WIS

Manufacturer-Specific diagnostic coverage for complex faults

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Picoscope 4 Channel Professional Package

the “x-ray” of diagnostics – lets us inspect what’s really going on inside your car

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Vauxhall OP-COM

In depth analysis exclusively to Vauxhall & Saab

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Ford IDS

The same system used by Ford dealerships, for perfect accuracy

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Snap-On Solus Pro

Our original kit, covers almost all vehicles worldwide

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Bespoke checklist so your Warranty is fully maintained when we work on your vehicle

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On all our PCs – for technical lookup & procedures

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Smoke Pro by Snap-On

Produces smoke – a simple but effective way to find system leaks

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Jaguar / Land Rover SDD

Works with the Autologic Platform to find recommended repairs for all fault codes

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