Some of our services we offer:

Vehicle Diagnostics

As an up busy and professional car garage in Surrey, we are consistently striving to be at the top of our game. We want to provide our Surrey customers in the Cranleigh and Guildford area with the most advanced technology available to make your car repair ass cost efficient and effective while providing unparalleled service. We have recently Invested heavily in Dealership-level Diagnostics Facilities, and are highly competitive with our pricing, from a simple fault diagnosis to complete module replacement and re-coding, we can cater for your needs.

Vehicle Servicing / Repair and MOT Work Undertaken at Our Garage

Here at M.E.S. Surrey, we regularly service and repair various makes of car, 4×4 and commercial vehicles. We can carry out engine-only or full services including brakes, as your service schedule may dictate. We fit batteries, alternators, starter motors, exhausts, and basically anything else you can think of that might be struggling on your vehicle! At our car garage, we regularly service and repair cars from the Cranleigh, Guildford, Godalming and surrounding areas in Surrey and West Sussex.

We absolutely do not adhere to or associate with any type of “Good Garage Guide”, garage schemes or any other sales-driven organizations. As most people are aware nowadays, such schemes are almost entirely driven by the operator / manufacturer behind that particular scheme. Parts are supplied to the garage, who are expected to “sell” to the customer. In return admission to the “Good” Scheme is given and the relevant signage provided by the supplier. Here at Mechanical Engineering Services we have always, and will always turn down such scheme approaches in order to remain truly independent from product sales so that the end customer can receive completely unbiased advice and information about what is required for their particular vehicle.

We always follow manufactures service schedules, not generic service checklists, as many garages do. Every manufactures service schedule list that we follow is individual to that particular vehicle, with that particular engine, of that year, with those options, at that mileage. A sample of a minor check-list for a 2005 VW Golf 1.6 petrol on 40,000 miles can be found Here

Hassle Free Car Collection & Drop Off

We offer a complimentary car collection and drop off service to help make repairing or servicing your vehicle as pain and hassle free as possible. Leave your car at home and come back in the evening to find it exactly where you left it, but serviced, MOT’ed, repaired and valeted!

Why not book your vehicle in to have it’s annual service and MOT at the same time, with collection and delivery to your door? Hassle free with FREE collection/delivery!

Whilst we personally do not perform MOTs, we regularly run them to the Testing Station (about 0.5 miles away). If it passes, then the vehicle is returned to the customer – usually the same day or on completion of any additional service work. Should the vehicle fail its MOT then the Customer is ALWAYS ADVISED BEFORE ANY REMEDIAL WORK IS CARRIED OUT. Check in with us often to see our most current MOT and service offers and deals! Our MOT and Service deals and offers change periodically so make you you catch the one most suited to you.

Every service is carried out in a accordance to a specific check-list as set out by the vehicle manufacturer.This check-list is specific to the make, model, age and mileage of the vehicle in question. A sample of a minor check-list for a 2005 VW Golf 1.6 petrol on 40,000 miles can be found Here