My Vehicle is still covered by my Dealership warrenty, can you work on it?

Yes! Due to Block Exemption Regulation, all warranties are maintained when we work on the Vehicle. Please see the Services page for more Information.

Is my vehicle insured whilst it is in your hands?

Yes. Mecanical Engineering Services is covered by a Fully-Comprehensive Motor Trade Insurance Policy. This covers us to collect and deliver your vehicle from any address you choose, and also to post-sevice road test the vehicle on UK roads. It also covers us to run it in for its MOT, if required. We also have Public Liability Insurance in place, covering our work carried out. With these two bits of information you can rest assured that your car will be fully covered from the moment it leaves your driveway, untill the moment it is returned there.

How do I know that my car will be cared for and looked after as if I had been working on it myself?

Here at M.E.S. we believe that it is our duty to care for the vehicles that are in our hands. Being a still small, but rapidly expanding company, we rely on good feedback and testimonials from our customers. Whenever interior work is being undertaken on a vehicle, clean overalls, disposable seat covers and floor mats as well as rubber gloves are all used to ensure that your trim is kept looking as good as it did when it came to us. After all, this is all any customer should expect!

Do you offer any sort of a guarantee on any of your work?

Yes! You may be surprised to know that all the work carried out at M.E.S. carries with it a (12) Twelve Month Guarantee. This guarantee extends to the labour on all service and repair work, be it vehicle or machine. This guarantee does NOT cover failure of fitted parts, although in most cases parts are covered by at least a 12 month manufacturer guarantee anyway. It also does not cover unreasonable post-service driving abuse on the vehicle. For any further information on guarantees please contact us using one of the methods on the “contact us” page at the top of this site.

What quality of parts do you use?

All parts supplied and fitted by M.E.S are either genuine parts supplied by the vehicle manufacturer or OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) genuine quality parts. All parts M.E.S fit will uphold any dealership warranty, and have done in the past. At M.E.S we don’t believe in fitting poor quality import parts when this could reflect on the quality of our service or repair.

Do you perform MOTs?

Yes, we do. Please see our M.O.T page  for more information.