VAG-COM, or Volkswagen / Audi Group Communication is widely known by the VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda Specialists as a great Dealership-alternative for diagnosis and repair of the VAG range of vehicles, but It also covers Bentley as well. It can perform even the most complex vehicle coding and programming procedures and when combined with the CF-19 Toughbook we are left with a great multi-purpose bit of kit. The software itself is intuitive and well designed with the technician in mind – It utilises key’s and coding helpers when it comes to long coding (binary) so as to make the process that much easier – The Franchise equivalent does not provide this assistance making the coding procedure hard work, to say the least! A great bit of hardware, with the latest vehicles, less than 6 months old, always preloaded at start-up, making it one of the most up to date machines available for the VAG range.

Coverage – Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / Skoda / Bentley