A PicoScope is a PC based automotive oscilloscope (sometimes known as a labscope).  It turns your laptop or desktop into a powerful diagnostic tool, showing you what is really going on with a vehicle’s electronic circuits. Think of a PicoScope as the “X-ray machine of diagnostics”, giving our Technicians the ability to see the inner workings of your vehicle’s wiring.

You can get basic 2 channel units, which come with basic connections and leads – but we utilise the full 4 Channel Pro Kit, including many different connections for testing virtually all vehicle systems, and by having 4 channels, it means we can test up to 4 sensors or actuators at once

The Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle including:

  • Ignition (primary and secondary)
  • Injectors and fuel pumps
  • Starter and charging circuits
  • Batteries, alternators and starter motors
  • Lambda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors
  • Glow plugs / timer relays
  • CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

Coverage – All Vehicles.