We use Autodata for almost all the Manufacturer Service Schedules we look up daily for vehicles we service. We also have various other Manufactures lookup systems – but Autodata completes nearly 90% of the procedure.

Whilst many garages simply use a “Bronze/Silver/Gold” type service system, we find that this system does not work very well in practice. The main reason for this is that the service checklist that is used is simply not bespoke – it’s a “one size fits all” solution – and when used in real life, this boils down to “one size that fits none correctly”.

Here at MES we only use the Service Schedule that is applicable to your precise Registration and VIN number on the vehicle – it was designed for that precise vehicle model and specification. This means that if you have a sunroof that requires the drain tubes cleaning, and the mechanism greasing, then it won’t be missed – or a particular type of drive system with transfer and differential gear oil’s due renewal, then they will also be changed as the Manufacturer dictates.

The main customer advantage of this is that the vehicle is maintained as the Manufacturer recommends, meaning that any New Vehicle or Extended type of Warranty is fully maintained when we work on the vehicle, as well as leaving you with a vehicle that performs at its peak, and as designed.

In short, Autodata is;

Genuine manufacturer data, licensed directly from 80 vehicle manufacturers

Coverage of 29,000 models worldwide

85,000 Wiring diagrams and illustrations

500,000 step-by-step procedures

Whilst the annual cost to use this product is high, we simply could not perform our daily duties without it!

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